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Together with Yvonne Forbes I have published 'Percussive Perspectives' a book containing original graded compositions for snare drum, timpani and tuned percussion some of which were used nationally as part of the Guildhall School of Music percussion syllabus.

The book was born out of a need for progressive musical materials necessary for the aspiring percussionist and is divided into three main sections dealing with snare drum, timpani and tuned percussion. The compositions progress and include various playing techniques common to each section. For example, the gradual inclusion of various rudiments in the snare drum pieces, damping, pedal tuning and multiple drums in the timpani pieces, scale, arpeggio and three mallet work in tuned percussion and rolling in all areas.

Together with a seperate pull out piano accompaniment booklet it is hoped that the student will approach these pieces as compositions rather than just studies which means musical interpretation is paramount.

Also included in the book are mini biographies of key percussionists in Britain each of whom have made their mark in the musical fabric of this country.

New British Music Vol 1.

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Fly by Wire (Kate Cuzner)

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I joined flutist Kate Cuzner in the production of this eclectic album of original compositions by Kate.


Les Sculptures Sonores

This 160 page volume traces the history and growth of the two pioneering French brothers Baschet who came up with a completely new way of combining sculpture and sound. Some small, some over 20 feet high and incorporating glass rods, metal cones, wires, inflatable resonators and much more. This book is many things, not only Fracois Baschet's fascinating account of his life and travels, with amusing anecdotes detailing meetings, working relationships and friendships with major forces in the art world such as Jean Cocteau, Yehudi Menhuin, Edgar Varese, Pierre Sc haeffer, Henri Lazarof, Ravi Shankar, John Cage, David Tudor and Toru Takemitsu, but a complete description and technical analysis of the instruments, their research and chronological development.

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Star Song


Star Song is suitable for choirs ranging from junior to senior school and adults (SSA). It is an original composition using words inspired by Calvin Millers' book The Song. It has been used in many Christmas celebrations and festivals and was performed at the Royal Albert Hall as part of a Christmas Celebrity Concert in 1995. There are instrumental backing parts for: keyboard (synth), bass guitar, guitar (rhythm), percussion and drum kit. A recorded performance on CD can be supplied by way of a demo, or complete backing on CD for performance purposes.

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