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FMR Records:
FMR CD396-0615

With ever advancing knowledge and use
of technology in the creation and capture of music, the idea behind the formation of was to introduce audiences to the experience of live
composition, using the skill of these two outstanding musician/composers, creating stimulating, beautiful, ethereal, strange and at times
unsettling pieces, using the natural accoustics and multiple sound worlds of
combined flutes Ondes Martenot and percussion. Utilising conventional, electronic and advanced ‘extended’ playing techniques, these 'live' performances tread a highly creative path with occasional witty excursions into jazz and rock, with trance and dubstep hues.

An introduction to the Ondes Martenot with musical examples from Milhaud, Messiaen , Richard Rodney Bennett
as well as arrangements for piano and Ondes.

Welcome to my web site.

I hope this site will serve as a background to my activities as a professional musician, educator and my musical interests.

My work in percussion and 20th century music has led to many published articles, writings and interviews and are proving to be valuable resource material for students and scholars.

Apart from the musicians already listed in the writings and articles page, there is a homepage on Olivier Messiaen featuring previously unpublished photographs, news. links and resources.


Malcolm playing L'Ondea Nouvelle. See Writings and Articles
Early Electronic Instruments.

Malcolm and Jean-Loup Dierstein
with the new Ondes Musicales by

This site will be constantly updated and developed so please make regular visits.

Malcolm playing 'Crystal Baschet Sound Sculpture'

......... Malcolm and drummers Dave Weckl and Steve Gadd

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